Welcome! I’m Kendall Kendrick, a recovering perfectionist. I’m also a motivational speaker and host of the weekly show Born Primal: Conversations With the Ancestral Health Community.

After a near-death experience as a result of mismanaged stress in 2010, I found a new way of life. 

While there is no such thing as “stress-free” living, we don’t have to buy into our culture’s idea of stress as a status symbol. Stress is inevitable, but our relationship with it determines our well-being.

Learning that being busy and having a full life could work in harmony with stress management, I found happiness.     

If you’re ready to find peace in the life you already live without letting stress manage you, CLICK HERE for my Free Guide: 3 Tips For Managing Your Stress.


I’m available to speak for your audience! Click here to inquire…


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