3 Tips for Stress Management

Welcome to Episode 68 of the Born Primal Show (listen here!) In this special edition of the show, I share my 3 tips for stress management. Grab a copy of the FREE Guide to Eating for Stress Management: THE STRESS LESS DIET while you listen to the show.


While there is no such thing as “stress-free” living, we don’t have to buy into our culture’s idea of stress as a status symbol. STRESS is inevitable. Your relationship with it determines your well-being.

WHAT IF being busy and having a full life doesn’t have to be run by mismanaged stress? With these 3 stress management tips, you can have peace and happiness in the life you already live without letting stress manage you!

Stress Management Tip #1: Meditate


Meditation is hard! At least that’s what I used to think. Out of desperation, I gave it a chance. What happened was remarkable. A few minutes of practicing quiet each day gave me the peace I had spent a lifetime searching for. That’s why meditation is my first step in managing stress.

How To Meditate:

Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for 5-10 minutes.

Use an app like Headspace or 10% Happier to teach you how to meditate or set a timer for 10 minutes and focus on your breath. Don’t worry if self-talk happens the whole time. Come back to the breath as many times as needed.

Remember that it’s a PRACTICE! Eventually, quieting your thoughts will become easier, but the practice is what brings the peace and will manage your stress.


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Stress Management Tip #2: Simplify


Make a mental list of all the things that fill your day. Find one thing you can remove to simplify your life.

Exercise Less

Against popular belief, more exercise is not beneficial. Don’t exercise harder. Exercise smarter! Go one step further and use your new found free time for play and walking. Fitness and stress management all in one!

Batch Cook

If making dinner daily is stressing you out, spend a couple of hours on a weekend day making all of your meals for the week. That’s a huge burden off your shoulders when 6pm rolls around after a busy day! To find out more about meal planning download my free copy of The Stress Less Diet: A Guide to Eating for Stress Management. 


It goes without saying that as a culture we are over-connected to our devices. Social media is a wonderful way to connect with friends and family, but it can create stress. It’s not realistic to ignore that part of our lives, but we can take breaks and reset our relationship with our devices.


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Stress Management Tip #3: Boundaries


Start saying NO to others and YES to you. Some of the most stressed out people are struggling with boundary setting.

Make Self-Care A Priority

You can’t be there for anyone else if you’re not there for yourself.

Be Independent–Not Codependent

There’s a saying: “Sweep your side of the street.” That means that other people’s problems are not yours so don’t take them on.

Practice Acceptance

Allow people to be where they are on their life. Boundaries don’t mean judgment. Accepting that people are where they are means that you can be kind and empathetic, while holding your boundary close.


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NOW YOU’RE READY TO MANAGE YOUR STRESS! Stay tuned for more tips on MANAGING YOUR STRESS in the near future. Connect with me online and share this with your friends. Listen to the podcast for more tips…

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