1606839_748907005166586_5105405364847180402_nFor 16 years I worked as an on-air radio personality, but my heart was always seeking a career that would fulfill me and allow me to share how I’ve overcome many challenges in life. I’ve gone from living in childhood trauma, addiction, alcoholism, toxic relationships, mental health imbalance, body image issues, disordered eating, sugar addiction, self-loathing to living a peaceful, balanced, and present life I never imagined was possible.

In 2012, I decided to embark on a new journey and studied with the Nutritional Therapy Association. I created a practice dedicated to helping people live a holistic life that encompasses healthy eating practices, lifestyle, mindfulness, and empowerment. Using the experience from two decades as a radio personality and voice actor, I took my love of public speaking to the next level and started sharing my journey and expertise as a motivational speaker. In my talks, I speak about recovering perfectionism, letting go of control and shame, finding balance, and creating a fulfilled, peaceful life.

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In addition to my work in the Ancestral Health community, I spent time working in local food policy where I coordinated school gardens with our school district, another passion of mine. If you’re interested in starting school gardens or learning more about how to teach children about healthy food in your school district, please check out the work I’ve done in that field here.