AHS13 Wrap-Up: The Blog Version

A couple of weeks ago we wrapped up the Atlanta edition of the Ancestral Health Symposium. It’s taken me that long to return to reality! This is a first wrap-up post of it’s kind for me as I basically missed two days of talks to record interviews with presenters for the AHS wrap-up podcasts that Tony Federico of Paleo Magazine Radio and I teamed up to bring you. Check part 1 out here and part 2 is coming soon!

The talks I did see on Thursday were fantastic and included Gad Saad, Geoffrey Miller, Diana Rodgers, Robb Wolf, and Hamilton Stapell. Diana Rodgers and Hamilton Stapell are both past Born Primal guests so make sure to check out their interviews which discussed their AHS presentations here and here. Dr. Stapell was mentioned several times during my podcast interviews with other presenters Friday and Saturday. His controversial topic “The End of Paleo: Is the Ancestral Health Movement Going Mainstream? I Wouldn’t Bet On It!” really hit home with conference attendees and presenters alike. This was the third presentation in a three part series which began at Harvard last year with a past look at Paleo through the Physical Culture movement. Then continued at Paleo FX in Austin with the present day statistics of Paleo and what the mainstream sees us as. The conclusion was enlightening and a wake up call to see that Paleo is nowhere near going mainstream. Dr. Stapell was attempting to give us something to think about it, to see the barriers that we must overcome if we want to see our way of life have more influence in today’s culture. This is an incredibly important topic that our community really needs to hear and think about.
I gave my poster presentation on Friday afternoon. The topic was “Connecting Children To Ancestral Food. One City’s Collaborative Strategy for Creating a Comprehensive Childhood Nutrition Program.” I was really pleased at the interest in school gardens and farm to school programs by so many who stopped by. I was asked many questions about how to get involved on a local level. One of my suggestions for people interested is to contact your local Slow Food chapter. They are leaders in school garden work and can at least direct you to who’s doing the work where you live.
Karen Phelps, Katherine Morrison, and Ben Morgan at Barcelona Atlanta
Since I saw so few talks and don’t have much to add in that realm I thought I’d share some photos of the fun meals and experiences I had with friends. I went to dinner five nights in a row so had some really great community experiences which is essentially why I go to these conferences. To be around like-minded people, eat great food, and admittedly just have fun! We were the early birds because of work and volunteer duties so Tuesday night our foursome hit up Barcelona Atlanta Wine Bar for some tapas. Wednesday night we explored more tapas at West & Mill Bistro Bar. Both were delicious and a good way to kick off conference fun.
David Palmer, Karen Phelps, Ben Morgan, Jamie Scott, Anastasia Boulais, and James Murphy at West & Mill Bistro Bar
Thursday night we had the presenter dinner at Boyd Eaton’s house. It was a charming, southern experience with unusually not scorching weather for Atlanta in August. The food, company, and weather were delightful.
Cori Busby, Tess Falor, Michelle Norris, & Amber Dukes with the amazing Boyd Eaton

Friday night wasn’t the success of the previous nights unfortunately. We had a large group dinner with over 60 people planned at Miller Union. The manager and staff were not accommodating but we made the best of it and still enjoyed each other’s company. I have to say that I can’t recommend this restaurant if you’re in the Atlanta area. Saturday we wrapped up the ancestral party at the Mary Gay House with catering by Farmburger.

 A few of the highlights of my trip were seeing Sarah Fragoso again. She was a huge inspiration when I first started eating this way and her cookbook Everyday Paleo was the only one available. I wore that thing out!! Tony and I had the opportunity to interview Mark Sisson for the podcast which was incredibly exciting!
Thank you to all of the AHS staff and volunteers. They work tirelessly all year to put on a great show and they do! Most of all, these conferences are about connecting with people who I normally only see on social media. There is something so wonderful about meeting your online friends and developing a deep connection in person. I highly recommend that you get to a conference if you haven’t. Paleo FX is in April in Austin. Hope to see you there!!

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