BEYOND FOOD: Finding Balance (modPALEO guest post)

I was recently asked by my pals at modPALEO to contribute to a series titled Beyond Food where we explored stress, digestion, meditation, sleep, play, and fitness. I wrapped the series up with this article on the subject of balance. 

A well-known and respected cookbook author in the Paleo community told me something recently that threw a wrench in my whole philosophy. When I asked her how she finds balance, her response was that she doesn’t and there’s no such thing. Wait! What??

In the middle of this podcast interview with her, I started panicking! I have a blog called Primal ‘Balance’ and I preach balance to everyone. I’ve spent my whole adult life swinging from one side of the pendulum to the other in search of this great thing called balance. Then I thought about it and realized that the point she was making had more to do with going with the flow versus attaining a way to do it all and sit in the middle of the scales holding it all together. Because the reality is that’s not possible.
Compare the idea to multi-tasking. Research shows that it’s really bad for your brain. The concept of sitting in the middle of the scales is similar. If you’re juggling all of these things, you can’t just go with the flow because that’s a lot to concentrate on and keep track of.
Lately I’ve noticed more chatter than usual in the Paleo community about slowing down. Obviously there is more than one way to do that. Personally I choose meditationmaking time to workout when I’m not under stress, eating in a relaxed stateplaying with my kids and making sleep a priority. In general, making happiness a priority.
The number one thing that’s slowed me down the most is that I shifted my view of what my life looked like. Last year I was a student and traveling often plus working in a new career. I got caught up in this “busy” mentality. For me it was a ploy at perfectionism. I wanted people to see me as talented and successful. Instead of feeling validating myself that I was working hard to achieve my goals, I sought it from others. The way I did that was, well, to look busy!
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