Born Primal: AHS13 Wrap-Up Show Part 1

 One week ago we packed up the Sheraton and said farewell to the Ancestral Health Symposium in Atlanta, GA. Tony Federico (host of Paleo Magazine Radio) and I teamed up to bring the ultimate AHS wrap-up show. For two days straight we interviewed presenters. Part 1 of our show is here and next week Tony will be featuring Part 2 on Paleo Magazine Radio. Look forward to guests like Mark Sisson, Sarah Fragoso, Hamilton Stapell, Darryl Edwards, and many more!
This year’s conference was no exception to the amazing time the Ancestral Health Society is known to put on. We learned, we laughed, we connected. The take away message from everyone we talked to is that they come to these events for community. Tony and I hope you enjoy this snippet from the conference and we hope to see you at the next one!

Podcast available on iTunes or download mp3 HERE!!
Show Notes:
Paul Jaminet (The Perfect Health Diet) & Russ Crandall (The Domestic Man)
David Pendergrass
Paul Ralston
Geoffrey Miller
Michelle and Keith Norris (Paleo FX)
Josh Whiton (Raleigh City Farm)
Sarah Ballentyne (The Paleo Mom)

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