Born Primal Episode 10: Kristi Beguin of Primal Ground

Back from vacation and ready to get this Ancestral Health Symposium countdown on! For the next few weeks, my Born Primal guests will all be presenters or contributors to this year’s 3rd annual conference happening in Atlanta, GA August 15-17.

This week’s guest is presenting a poster at AHS titled Primal Pregnancy, Primal Birth: Building a Foundation of Optimal Health for Future Generations. This topic is near and dear to me so I’m thrilled to talk to Kristi Beguin about her experiences as an herbalist and doula who also works in the scientific community.

Podcast available on iTunes or Stitcher. You can also download the mp3 HERE or listen to the player below:

Show Notes:
Primal Ground
Ancestral Health Symposium

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