Born Primal Episode 21: Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo

Michelle Tam joins Born Primal this week to discuss her brand new book Food For Humans co-authored with her hubby Henry Fong. The dynamic duo makes up Nom Nom Paleo.

We chat about how they juggle their lives with their two boys, Michelle’s full-time job working overnights, and the blog, cookbook, and app.

Michelle gives great tips on how to hard boil your farm fresh eggs. We also talk about how it takes time and practice to become a better cook. There’s hope for all of us! And of course we remind everyone how important it is to avoid perfectionism in this community and just support each other’s journeys.

Podcast available on iTunes or download mp3 HERE!!

Show Notes:
Nom Nom Paleo Facebook, Twitter, Blog
Henry’s Blog Fitbomb

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