Born Primal Episode 22: The Paleo Mom Sarah Ballantyne

This week’s podcast features one of the smartest and down to earth women in the Paleo community. Sarah Ballantyne is the mom of two young girls and has a Ph.D. in medical biophysics. She consistently shares delicious recipes and writes helpful articles to thousands on her blog The Paleo Mom. She also co-hosts the popular podcast The Paleo View along with Stacy Toth of the Paleo Parents.
Sarah’s just released what is sure to be a bestselling book, The Paleo Approach. This book is over 400 pages of information on healing autoimmune disease through Paleo.
During the show we talk about Sarah’s fight with her weight for years and learning how to heal her own autoimmune disease by changing her diet and lifestyle including mediation, sleep, and managing stress.

Podcast available on iTunes or download mp3 HERE!!
Show Notes:

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