Born Primal Episode 23: Zachary Taylor, Ancestral-based Psychology, Nutrition, & Natural Healing

Zachary Taylor is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Therapist in Virginia. He specializes in bringing together the fields of ancestral-based nutrition with modern psychotherapy and mental health care. His interests lie particularly in ancestral and evolutionary psychology, human stories, the food-mood connection, brain health and nutrition, and in the treatment of severe anxiety disorders. Read here for more on Zachary or to inquire about a consultation.

Topics we discuss: 
*Where medicine and psychotherapy have gone wrong
*The evolutionary roots of depression 
*The social aspects of addiction 
*Modern myths about being happy
*Paleo perfectionism 
*Stress, multi-tasking, meditation
*The 3 F’s
*Teens and anxiety
*Tips for improving mental well-being

Podcast available on iTunes or download mp3 HERE!!

Show Notes:
Zachary Taylor on Facebook and Twitter
NY Times article about the relationship between ADHD and standardized tests


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