Born Primal Episode 30: Joshua Weissman Slim Palate

Nothing in this world inspires me more than watching youth “get it.” I’ve worked with and spoken to so many different children and teens through my food policy work. They are sponges and are fascinated by where food comes from and why it’s so important. When I first heard Joshua Weissman’s story a chord was struck. A teenager who of his own accord figured out how to chance his life. He lost over 100 pounds at 15 years old. But that wasn’t enough. Joshua has taken his journey to the next level by blogging at Slim Palate and putting together this tremendous cookbook, The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook.

In this episode we talk about Joshua’s story of gaining and losing fat, his passion for sharing this knowledge with the world, how it’s affected his family and friendships, Paleo FX, and his future plans.
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Show Notes:
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