Born Primal Episode 34: Paleo f(x) Wrap Up With Karen Phelps

Karen Phelps returns to Born Primal to chat about our fun times in Austin a couple of weeks ago at Paleo f(x). Karen blogs at Paleo Periodical, she writes for Paleo Magazine, and she handles PR for the Ancestral Health Symposium.

(Karen Phelps and I rocking our twin bamboo shirts above. Gifts from Tess McNulty and her friends at Atlas Wear Clothing)

Here are the topics we cover in this episode (photos below)

*My talk on “The Power of Imperfectionism”

*Cultivating The Well-Adjusted Male aka “The Man Panel” with Robb Wolf, J. Brett Smith, Geoffrey Miller, Tucker Max, John Durant, and Christopher Ryan 

*The feminization of men: why we like male attention

*Rafe Kelley workshop: Evolve, Move, Play

*Dan Stickler’s talk 

*Paleo and Addiction panel with Karly Randolph Pitman, Kaila Prins, Susan McCauley, Amy Kubal, and Dr. Nicole Avena

*Christopher Ryan (Sex At Dawn) “Paleosexuality” talk and the Bonobo sex video

*My “Beyond Food” panel and how it went from meditation to a sex talk in 20 minutes time with Darryl Edwards, Dr. Dan Stickler, Kyle Maynard, and Steve Kirsch 

*”US Healthcare: In Crisis or Chaos?” panel with Robb Wolf, Dr. Grayson Wheatley, Julie & Charles Mayfield, Dr. Richard Maurer, and Darryl Edwards

Podcast available on iTunes or Stitcher. You can also download the mp3 HERE!!!

Show Notes:
Karen’s “Man Panel” Post
My “Coming Out of the Mental Health Closet” post
Ancestral Health Symposium 
Karen’s new project: Year in a Yurt

PALEO f(x) Photographic Evidence
Pecha Kucha opening event with Michelle Norris (PFX) & Will White/Caveman Cafeteria who catered the event


My talk!! “The Power of Imperfectionism”


Getting to squeeze on one of my favorite girls, Sarah Fragoso
Free Kombucha all weekend?? Yes!! Thank you LIVE Kombucha
The “Man Panel” l-r Chris Ryan, Robb Wolf, Brett Smith, Tucker Max, John Durant, & Geoffrey Miller
Another gorgeous lovely I never get enough of, Liz Wolfe


My favorite fashion lover, Diane Sanfilippo


Such a beautiful night at Springdale Farm for the presenter dinner


Dr. Daniel Stickler, The Paleo Doc


Two of the beauties from the addiction panel Karly Randolph Pitman & Kaila Prins


My “Beyond Food” panel l-r Kyle Maynard, Darryl Edwards, Dan Stickler, Me, Steve Kirsch


Post conference shooting in Austin! When in Texas…

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