Born Primal Episode 49: Dr. Mark Burhenne Ask The Dentist

Dr. Mark Burhenne is an integrative family dentist of 30 years, contributor to Yahoo! Health, CNN, HuffPost, and author of

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Primal oral health:


Oral care for pre-conception, pregnancy, & postpartum

Oral hygiene tips

Why we grind our teeth

Primal facial oral development and how it has made modern humans sleep worse than primal humans

How to sleep like a caveman:

Sleep analyzer app

Sleep hygiene

Pediatric sleep apnea

Sleep aides

Dr. B’s newly released E-book:

“How We Are Sleeping Our Way to Fatigue, Disease and Unhappiness: The Eight Hour Sleep Paradox. The New Research Behind Why Eight Hours Doesn’t Matter and Sleep Ability Does.”


More Show Notes:

The Eight Hour Paradox

Vitamin K2 and Breastfeeding

What You Need to Know If Your Child Is a Mouth Breather

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