Born Primal Episode 61: Dr. Nicole Apelian, Alone on History Channel

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Dr. Nicole Apelian is a scientist, mother, educator, researcher, expeditionary leader, safari guide, herbalist and traditional skills instructor. She is currently one of the reality stars of the television series, Alone on History. A diagnosis of MS in 2000 led Nicole to apply her research skills towards her own personal wellness. Through simple changes in her lifestyle and eating habits, Nicole restored her vitality and she moved on to become a founder and primary guide for her own tracking and wildlife safari company, Eco Tours International.

She continues her work with the San Bushmen to help them find strategies to preserve their traditions and is currently cataloging indigenous plant uses with a community of Naro Bushmen who regard her as family. At her home in the Pacific Northwest, Nicole makes her own herbal medicines from local plants and enjoys time in nature with her two sons, partner and wonderful community.


In this episode of Born Primal we talk about:

Nature Connection

Wilderness versus Survival Skills

Nicole’s 10 Items on Alone

Women Learning From Women

How to Connect Deeper to Nature and Your Self


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Twitter @nicoleapelian

Instagram @nicole_apelian


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2 thoughts on “Born Primal Episode 61: Dr. Nicole Apelian, Alone on History Channel

  1. Hi Kendall, Wonderful interview with my daughter, Nicole! She is truly an inspiration to girls and women and I am grateful for all she has shared with me as well. We recently returned from Botswana where she introduced my to her ‘other family’ – the Naro San/Bushmen community and it was an amazing experience. I carry them in my heart wherever I am and hope that I can stay connected to that incredible connection.
    Thanks for all of your offerings on this show! And I also follow Cat Bigney – Best wishes, Nicole’s Mom
    PS. As an art historian who has spent much of her life in archives, museums and the classroom, I am so grateful that Nicole has opened other experiences in nature to me. I would also feel comfortable following her to any environment – this last trip I actually welcomed the leopards at night near where we were sleeping in the Kalahari and the maternal herd of elephants coming through our camp in the Okavango Delta! AND the birds always told us what to expect (thanks Jon Young)!

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