Born Primal Episode 51: Dr. Bill Schindler, The Great Human Race

Co-Star, Dr. Bill Schindler of National Geographic Channel’s new show, The Great Human Race joins me today for the return of an all new season of the Born Primal Show! The founder of Ancestral Insight, Dr. Bill Schindler is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland.



In The Great Human Race they must survive in the harshest locations ever occupied by ancient humans, and utilize only the tools and technology available to people in a predetermined time period. They encounter the same challenges that our ancestors once faced, and overcome them in a similar fashion – by adapting their technology and behavior, and in essence, evolving throughout the course of an episode. The big question to be answered is “Can modern humans survive in the same way primitive humans did?” Each episode takes them to a new location. They are placed in a specific time period and follow a migration route that our ancestors travelled in pursuit of food and resources.


In this podcast episode, we talk about his experience filming The Great Human Race alongside his co-star Cat Bigney and we discuss how to better implement tools from our ancestors past into our modern day mismatched lives.


Find Dr. Schindler online:

Ancestral Insight

Great Human Race

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