Born Primal Episode 52: Erin Brown, As Is

Please welcome Erin Brown to Born Primal. She is a writer, speaker & activist whose work focuses on women, healing and autonomy. She utilizes authentic narrative to promote empathy and compassion toward ourselves and others. She is a feminist, an intuitive, a firm believer in radical self-care and a coach. Unafraid to be big, in presence or in thighs.

If women made peace with their bodies and each other it would change everything… -Erin Brown

Show Topics:

*Weight obsession

*Changing your mindset to find self-love and compassion

*How to talk around your daughters in a healthy way about bodies

*Dropping judgment of other women

*Double standard of dress codes between boys and girls

*How to accept that we are imperfect moms

*The case for selfies

*Fitspiration article by Jen Sinkler

*How to stop struggling with the scale


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