Born Primal Episode 55: Marissa Pellegrino, Gym Owner

Marissa Pellegrino was the Level 10 National Gymnastics Vaulting Champion in 1998. She is now one of the co-owners of Relentless Fitness in Philadelphia along with her fiancé, Roger Dickerman.

Marissa has been involved with gymnastics since she was two years old. Once her career ended after high school, she started coaching and exploring the world of fitness. She’s been teaching all levels of gymnastics for the last 15 years and she’s also an ACE certified personal trainer. In addition to her background in gymnastics, Marissa is also a licensed social worker and uses her education and experience in social work to coach her young athletes.


In this episode we talk about…

Nutrition for young athletes

Feeding picky eaters

Parental expectations of young athletes

How to properly support your young athlete

Balancing modern day life with past principles

The impact of coaches in the lives of children

Why movement is crucial to development in children

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