I Don’t Have THE Answer When it Comes to Health…

I have ONE of the answers.

I was sick my whole life. I felt crazy one way or the other because of hormones and riding a mental roller coaster. Then five years ago I heard about this unusual way of eating. Turned out it’s not really that weird. Our ancestors had the same template or idea. They just didn’t have Whole Foods or farmers markets so we’re pretty lucky. Plus, houses.

When I decided to make this huge change, I was desperate. I didn’t want to be sick anymore. Mostly I wanted to get off that crazy coaster. I had watched the power of food alone in stopping my 6 year old’s asthma overnight. After 4 years of coughing, an ND suggested eliminating dairy and gluten. Then bam…coughing gone. Do you know what it does to a mama when her baby coughs for four years straight?! To have her stop coughing every single day for all of those long years, I knew something good was going on and it was worth researching. At the time it seemed like nothing short of a miracle. 5 years later the asthma still hasn’t returned and we don’t expect it to.

More recently another story of healing happened for one of my other daughters. She is on the autism spectrum and a host of issues comes along with that. Anxiety induced stomach aches, tantrums, and all around tough stuff. She had hit a bottom with how awful she felt and she was ready to turn it around. I mapped out a gluten-free, casein-free diet and taught her everything she’d need to know to make it work. I also did some work with supplements to heal her gut. When I say I saw the light come back on in my little girl after just one week of this nutritional protocol, I’m not exaggerating. In fact it’s an understatement. She was able to go off of her GERD meds for the first time in months. She is generally a 90% happier little girl and because of that I’m a 150% happier mama.

Then there’s the story about what eating like our ancestors did for me. It’s a really long and wonderful and healing story that I’d love to tell you sometime. What I’d love to share even more with you is your story of finding health. If you’re lost and looking for guidance, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve stuck this thing out for 5 years!! My first marriage didn’t even last that long!

I live this life because I am shown every single day that it’s worth the work it takes to be healthy. If you are ready to commit to health, one day at a time, then let’s get started.

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