Paleo Movement Magazine Guest Post: Freedom From Control, Living Without Shame

As someone who sees things from a scientific and evolutionary standpoint it can be hard to tap into what you might call my spiritual side. I did that at a recent Paleo Wellness Retreat in Jamaica where I was a leader along with Dr. Dan Stickler, a Paleo MD with practices in Charleston, WV and Asheville, NC along with his partner Mickra Hamilton, who specializes in nutrition, sleep, and stress management at their practices, and Melissa White, a yoga instructor and Radical Forgiveness practitioner. Lately, I’ve been looking at all of that factors that go beyond what we eat in the Paleo/Primal world and how we move our bodies- meditation, stress management, sleep, and the biggest one for me…dealing with my own stuff.

Just going to this beautiful resort was pretty wellness inducing. We had a three day schedule that included morning yoga, weightlifting, beach runs followed by breakfast and talks. Our conference sessions focused on dealing with stress, sleep, nutrition, and mind/body awareness. Our group had lunch together everyday and had lively conversations that were sparked by the talks. The afternoons were spent with my husband on the beach, soaking up sun and relaxing. Dinners were filled with more conversation over delicious food. It was an amazing and healing experience for me.
On Friday afternoon we sat on the grass next to the ocean when I gave my talk on The Power of Imperfectionism. I decided to just put myself out there and share from the heart. I talked about the sharp turn of events over three years ago that set me on a path to finding peace and stability in my life….
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