The ultimate skincare guide has arrived. Cave Girl Eats to the rescue!

After finding out that a hormone imbalance was making my hair fall out and my skin break out a year and a half ago I went looking for solutions. I was able to treat the imbalance with supplements but my hair and skin were still a huge disappointment. That’s when I started falling head over heels for following the lovely Liz Wolfe aka Cave Girl Eats. I followed her directions for the “No Poo” and “Oil Cleansing” methods. Instant success! My hair started growing back and my skin cleared up. People are regularly amazed by my age and that I have four kids because my skin looks healthy and glows. I owe it all to Liz!

After years of coloring to cover up the grey I took another chance on Liz and started using henna instead of harsh chemicals. Just the other day at a photo shoot, the photographer told me my hair color looked fantastic and she photographs professional models everyday so I took it as a compliment. When I found out Liz was working on a book that would put all of these skincare tips in one place I was over the moon! As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner student, I’m working with so many people struggling with skin issues. Finally, I have a resource to offer them to take charge of their health and get the beautiful skin they desire.

What are you waiting for? Purchase your Skintervention guide and start glowing!


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