How To Do The Paleo Diet And Benefits To Paleo Diet (Introduction)

How To Do The Paleo Diet And Benefits To Paleo Diet

If you are here, you were like me, didn’t know much about this diet you may have heard about but wanted to know how to do the Paleo diet and the benefits to Paleo diet.  Well let me help with answering your questions about one of the BEST way to get healthy.  If you were like me, you had heard some great things about the Paleo diet.


Primal Balance Explaineda woman measuring weight loss-paleo diet

Primal Balance is all about explaining how to get healthy and doing the right thing for your body and mind.  Sit back and enjoy the content put here for those who are tired of having a few extra pounds or tired of being tired…you know how it goes.  Let me explain how to Paleo diet and the benefits to Paleo diet.


Paleo Or Primal

A quick explanation of what “Paleo” or “Primal” eating means. 

This way of eating goes back to the beginning of our Paleolithic ancestors who hunted and gathered.  Their diets consisted of meat, vegetables, some fruit, and good fats like coconut and certain nuts.  They only ate grains in the most dire situations. 

Our Neolithic ancestors developed agriculture, introducing grains as the staple they’ve become in our modern day diet.  No matter how many tens of thousands of years have gone by we still have not evolved to eat grains. 

How often in the last decade have you heard the word “gluten?”  It’s typically followed by the word “allergy.”  There’s a good reason for that.  


I Didn’t Know What I Didn’t Know

When I first heard about this way of eating, I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical and had no desire to give up my carbs.  Even though my family had been experimenting with working around using gluten, we were using other grains like rice and others.

There are many so called gluten-free items, masquerading as healthy replacements to  the good old wheat products.  The whole truth about grains is that they all are bad for us.


The Bible Of Paleo

One of my most favorite books that explains the whole idea behind the Paleo diet and a book that I am excited to share with you is what I call the Primal Balance Bible of the Paleo diet.

His scientific research shows that our ancestors had the food thing figured out and that 10,000 years later we are failing at it. This ancient approach to eating is undeniably profound and potentially game changing for the future of mankind.


Don’t Fall Off The Wagon

Maybe you’re thinking there’s no way you’re ditching your whole wheat bread or brown rice for some grilled chicken and vegetable medley.  Let me assure you that I, my family or those friends of mine that are on this diet, rarely eat grilled chicken and vegetable medley.  We would have fallen off the Paleo wagon long ago if we were destined to eat boring, bland food.  


Sample Of Paleo Diet Foods


Eggs are always a great way to start off your day, especially the yummy ones from local farms.

An example is sautéed Kalamato olives, Canadian bacon (or meat of your choice,) and sun-dried tomatoes in a small pan. Add 4-6 whisked eggs to pan and let it sit over medium-low heat for 2 minutes. Move to 350 preheated oven for several minutes or until hard.  So good.  Yummy!


Lunch can vary.  Often a salad with some form of meat and veggies mixed in is good.  Soup and chicken with broth is delicious.    


Onward to dinner. Grass-fed beef, cube steak,  and perhaps a London Broil in the crock pot.

Just a sample of delicious food that can be eaten on the Paleo diet.  Trust me, there is so much more.


How To Do The Paleo Diet And Benefits To Paleo Diet

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