I’m Overweight And Have No Energy

I’m Overweight And Have No Energy

Battle Of The Bulge

I have battled a weight issue for most of my adult life, so I didn’t wake up one day and and realize that I’m overweight and have no energy.  Too much weight on my frame has been a problem for last 30-40 years.


High School Nightmare Dance

I'm overweight without a shirt-paleo diet, lose weight, gain energy.

It all changed when I arrived to DJ at my children’s high school dance.  Escape the many mirrors that adored the walls in the dance studio was impossible.  Each large mirror presented a view of my lopped over belly, wide backside, thick neck and of course my fat head.  Embarrassment overcome me.  I spent the rest of the night sitting behind a table starring at a computer screen, picking out father approved music for young dancers.


FAD Diets

In the past, many people had suggested I start losing weight by starting a diet program.  The desire to lose a few pounds had always been there but not until the night of the high school dance did it begin to burn inside me.

Attempts at FAD diets and other diet programs were useless.  I would lose a few pounds and but never took it too seriously.


I’m Overweight And Have No Energy

Always thought there would be time later when I got older, when time slowed down a bit.  Those times never arrived.  I slowly gained weight and my body was the only thing slowing down.  Nap time was a welcomed few minutes to help catch up on some badly needed sleep.  Problem was, nap time would happen at a drop of a hat no matter what I was doing.  I was slow to recognize that, I’m an obese person that likes nap time.



To sum it all up, the weight has slowly packed itself onto this nearly 6′ frame and I lied to myself about how unhealthy I had become.  The battle was over and I lost.

The thought of becoming obese was always lingering in my mind but never burnt a deep desire in my heart.  The desire finally came in the form of embarrassment at a high school dance.  I watched a man that I didn’t recognize walk across the dance floor and it literally changed my life.  I was left with a burning desire to lose that unwanted fat and gain back some energy.

The battle may be lost but the war has just begun.  A secret weapon against the bulge is yet to be revealed.

Diet research found a secret weapon to help fight against obesity.

The paleo diet plan is the secret weapon.

What is the paleo diet?

I will start a 10 week diet plan and record each week here on this post.

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Weight loss goal – 25 pounds (recommended is 2.5 pounds/week)







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