Sean H.

Sean I am impressed with the idea you want to begin doing something that could someday replace your income. I think it would be nice to have something you can build and pass onto your family, not possible with most JOBS. Glad you are thinking in this way but it also is scary to move outside of that box we have grown comfortable in. I do understand. I have gave this some considerable thought and came up with the following idea. Give some thought and prayer to this and by no means would I be upset with any decision you make, even if you do nothing. Just ideas for a couple of friends in Christ to talk about.

To start a business online requires considerable knowledge, work, time and money. Although less money than opening a “brick and mortar”, it still takes money. A person can find all these advertisements on YouTube, Facebook and other media outlets that promise to show you how to make tons of money with little work and a small investment. Most are not telling you the whole truth. Almost all of them want you to give them money and they will show you how to make the big bucks. Money can be made by selling and doing work online.

A Shopify store is a great way to make some of that money but to do it right does take some effort. Still better than renting your life out to someone else at a JOB. Just Over Broke.

Work involved is
-setting up the store
-finding the trending products
-finding the place to purchase the products based on price, quality and shipping cost                                                                                         -checking out the competitions page and price, do a better job then they do
-finding the appropriate platform to advertise the product on
-finding the right customer based on demography, geography and much more. Know your customer
-building out the ad copy
-monitor the advertisement and adjust as needed, not to waste time and money
-be customer service on all returned products. Send money back once requirements are met
-add and delete items in store based on sales
-reinvest 20% back into business for expenses

Open a GENERAL SHOPIFY STORE, not a niche specific store to collect sales data on several items. Always watch for the trending items on places like Google Trends and other places. If there is a demand, supply the item immediately. This takes constant monitoring from different platforms to stay current.

Some examples if you were in business for December 2022.


Product #1 – The Magic Mat

Aliexpress Link      This link is to a supplier of products.  Please check out their page.  All pictures and other information can be used on your Shopify store, also pay attention to the purchase price of $9.65

Competitor Store   Check out the competition page and always do things that are better than the way they preset the item. Notice the price they are charging $34.00

Facebook Ad   This is the advertisement they used on Facebook.  It is advised to use this ad and easily copied.

Do the math  $34.00 – $9.65 = $24.35  profit

To locate the perfect customer on Facebook, use these 5 Interest for ads: Bathroom, Bath & Bodyworks, Kitchen, Shower, bath

Pros – The product page on the competition is clean without too many colors, sticking with the main color scheme.  They used written content with a picture directly below it.

Cons – The reviews are all 5 star reviews.  Need to make it more believable by showing the 3, 4 and 5 star reviews.  Builds confidence and trust in your customers.



Product # 2 – Full Leg Massager

  Aliexpress Link   Purchase price $76.85

  FB ad

  Competitor Store

Selling price $199.99

Profit $123.14

5 Interest for FB Ads: leg extension, world gym, well-being, Planet fitness, physical fitness

Pros – Their website looks very professionally done.

Cons – They do not use upsells on their landing page. Possibly missing out on additional sales.



Product #3 – Wood Name Piggy Bank 

Ali link    Cost $10.22

fb link

store    Sell $25.55

Profit $15.33

5 Interest for FB Ads: Grandparent, Christmas, Lego, Gift, Toy story

Pros – High quality reviews for their website. 

Cons – No upsells to increase sales.  Product description has too many images and not much text explaining features and benefits to break it up. Colors are too wild and too many.  


Product # 4 – Heated Vest

Ali Link     Cost $9.79

Comp Store

FB link   Sell $95.99

Profit $86.20

5 Interest for FB Ads: Clothing (Apparel), Heated Clothing, Walmart, Health & Wellness, Dicks Sporting Goods.

Pros- They have upsells that are similar to the main product.
Cons – Product Description is not good, needs improvement.



To do this right requires much more than most people think.  Great chance to profit and make good money but if you don’t have the time or knowledge, it might be best to hire someone that can lead you thru the tough times of start-up. These guru’s can cost between 3k to 5k and even more.  Money a person could make up eventually if the training is good.

Sean, in my opinion, to do this business, a person should have available cash of 1k – 3k.  This pays for the licenses, ad costs, website, email set up and other fees.

Lucky for you, you have a friend that does just this type of work.  I can’t afford to give away my services for free to my best friend and his amazing family but I can help you get set up for a small fee.


I will be your guru and perform the work outlined above to complete your store and get you to making money.

I will give you as much homework as you can handle to learn the process while you continue your JOB.

When you reach the point to take over your store, I will bow out.

You pay Strange Ideas Online Marketing and Web Design $1,500.  I will begin the process of building out site and researching sales trends and items demands…

Once the store is producing, we split the profits 2/3 Strange Ideas and 1/3 Sean.

This will motivate me to start making some good money and will motivate you to learn all you can to send me packing.  I am OK with that .


I have a couple of pages for you to look at.  This is some of my past and current work.

Missouri Assembly

The Missouri Assembly is my latest website.  I get paid every time someone purchases something from “Our Store” or when they use the “Document Generator” and they also paid me 3k to build out this site.  Go see the store I created for them.  It is not a Shopify store, it’s a Spring store but worked out best for them.  Check out the items I have on there.

Tree Care Service of KC

Tree Care Service is one I did last spring, I track the phone number and charge this company for every call I send their way.

This Site

The site I sent you to is one I have been working on slowly as an affiliate marketing site.



Also check out my Facebook business page

Click here to see my facebook ad site

Sean, this is just an idea for you to think about if you are serious about moving into the online marketing arena.  I would be glad to help however I can.  The prices I just mentioned above are really fair, I charge more to others for the same service.  Please think about it and you will not make me upset if you decide to do something else or go at this on your own.  I will help as much as I can.

This would be a good time for me since I am not too busy.  I hope that changes soon.

God Bless, let’s chat soon.