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Welcome to the site on how to achieve superb nutrition and a healthy lifestyle by way of the paleo diet.

About Me

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Primal-Balance is your nutritional needs website.

Most of my experience as an adult has been in the fire science and emergency medical services.  After spending many years of transporting the sick or injured to hospitals, I began to know what test and procedures the emergency room Doctor was going to order upon our arrival.  I decided to become a Physician, off to get a pre-medical degree in nutrition.

Long story short, I got a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, but never chased the dream of becoming a Doctor.

Nutrition is interesting to me but I failed at living what I preached.  I could tell you what to eat as a healthy meal and how much exercise you might need but I didn’t do that for myself.  The weight began to pile on as I continued to eat the wrong sugar loaded processed foods.  I eventually became motivated enough to do something about my 290 pound blob.


Paleo Diet Myths Causes Skepticism

Relying on my nutrition science degree and researching diet programs I found what I think is the best natural diet plan available.  I heard some bad things about this diet and frankly, I had my reservations.

Once I applied common sense and began to investigate and give this diet plan some thought, I found out some interesting things.  I know some people have heard the paleo diet plan is not all that good, that it doesn’t work well.  I know exactly how they feel, I was one of them that felt that exact way.

After careful thought and research, I found that I was so wrong.  What I heard and thought was facts turns out is nothing more than myth.


Paleo Research Findings

My research has found the paleo diet is spot on.  My research and thoughts can be found in the posts on this site.

It’s easy to follow.  There is a 10 week diet plan that is all laid out for you in a step by step method making it quick and easy to lose that unwanted fat.  The plan provides an amazing weekly shopping list.  Sensational recipes for each day, each designed to conquer the fat issues immediately.


What You Can Expect

Welcome to superb nutrition and a healthy lifestyle website where you can find articles supporting facts surrounding the paleo diet.  I will add additional content on a regular basis that are intended to provide you with nutritional facts and ideas to use in your daily lives.

I will also add updated information about exercise and other current techniques to keep you healthy through holistic and organic wellness.

The paleo diet plan is a healthy way to lose that extra weight and gain badly needed energy. To test my theory I decided to try the paleo diet plan and melt off some of these unwanted pounds.

Come along with me as I journey to a much smaller me.  I will post my progress on this site.

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