What Is The Paleo Diet? The Truth

What Is The Paleo Diet? The Truth

What is the paleo diet? The truth about this diet plan and how I stumbled upon it may shock you. 

Perhaps you have questions like I did. 

  • What does a paleo diet consist of?  picture of paleo foods-what is the paleo diet? the truth
  • Can I use the paleo diet for weight loss?  
  • Is paleo dairy free?  
  • Foods not allowed on paleo?
  • Rules for paleo diet?

Outline of this article:

What is the paleo diet? The truth       

In search for the perfect diet program

Follow these tips when choosing a diet program    

Tips to follow

Long term health habits

Eat more protein

Eat more vegetables

Eat more fats

Eat less sugar

A decision made based upon information

Rules for paleo diet

What does a paleo diet consist of?

Foods not allowed on paleo

Can I use the paleo diet for weight loss

Is paleo dairy free?

To sum it all up – Summary


Let’s begin by unraveling the truth about the paleo diet.

In Search For The Perfect Diet Program

My doctor has told me to lose weight or else.  I had to ask, what is the or else?  Answer, detrimental long term health effects. That didn’t sound good to me.  Weight loss is not the answer for every health issue but based on my doctor’s scary words, it’s time to lose weight.

The search is on for a complete diet program that is effective for long-term weight management. A program that can provide a steady weight loss of up to 2 pounds per week.

Many diet programs leave you with a hungry or dissatisfied feeling.  Some eliminate major food groups and are not a sustainable plan.  For these reasons people find it difficult to stick with a healthy diet plan.

There are many different plans or programs that promise weight loss or tips to help you lose those unwanted pounds.  Each person has to decide the best method to get into shape.  Everyone should apply some general principles when trying to lose weight.


Follow These Tips When Choosing A Diet Program


Tips To Follow

  • Pick a plan that helps with choosing carbs carefully.
  • Choose a program that promotes healthy eating.
  • Find one that will reduce your hunger levels and appetite all the while keeping you satisfied.
  • Produce consistent weight loss over a long period of time.

Long Term Health Habits

Focus on long-term health habits to improve your health and lasting weight loss.


Eat More Protein

To balance your plate and help you lose weight your meals should include the recommended amount of protein.  An average male requires about 56-91 grams per day.  Females need 46-75 grams.  Remember, many factors influence protein needs.  Eating the proper amount is essential in preserving health and muscle mass while losing weight.

Diet programs that provide adequate protein amounts help you reduce cravings and snaking by making you feel full and satisfied.

Sources of protein are beef, chicken, pork and lamb.  Fish and seafood also contribute protein like salmon, trout and shrimp.  Eggs are another excellent source of protein.


Eat More Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are good and good for you.  They are packed full of essential nutrients and large amounts can be consumed without increasing calories and carbs.

Vegetables are rich in nutrients and should be added to your diet.  Find a weight loss program that allows most veggies to the dinner plate.

Great choices of vegetables on a diet program are broccoli, spinach, kale, cabbage and more.


Eat More Fats

Delicious healthy fats are required. Our bodies require healthy fats and your diet plan should include them.  Such fats can be found in avocado oil, olive oil and guess what?  Yes, avocados and olives are also a great source to get those fats, add them to a kale salad.

Cooking with butter and coconut oil is another way to get your fats but should only be used in moderation.  They have a higher saturated fat content.


Eat Less Sugar

Stop using or slow down on using refined carbs.

So much of the food on the shelves of grocery stores today is overly processed containing additives and other unnecessary ingredients. 

The quickest way to lose weight immediately is to cut out or back on foods containing sugars, starches and carbohydrates.  Eliminating these processed foods will lower hunger levels and you generally eat fewer calories.


A Decision Made Based Upon Information

After careful examination of the facts and information about diet plans, a decision has been made to follow the best diet plan available, the paleo diet plan.  

The paleo diet plan may not work for you, it won’t work for everyone.  This plan can help you lose weight and gain extra energy.  

Please read on to find out more about how amazing this diet plan can be if you give it a change.


Rules For Paleo Diet.

The main rule when following the paleo diet is pretty basic.  If a caveman ate it, you should eat it and if a caveman didn’t eat it, neither should you.

Our early ancestors were hunter gatherers and they ate whatever they could find in their immediate area.  The paleo diet includes foods that can be hunted or gathered.  This means the processed foods found at your grocery store are off limits while on the diet.  Instead, choose foods such as meats, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

The foods consumed while on the diet are what our bodies were meant to have.  The processed foods and additives we easily find today must be avoided while on the paleo diet.  A well planned paleo diet can lead to improvements in all aspects of health.

It’s hard to know exactly what our paleolithic ancestors would eat.  We do know they ate whatever was available to them based on their location and season.  Some ate a diet higher in animal fats and lower in carbs, while others may have lived off plants and carbs.


What does a paleo diet consist of?

To say it again, the paleo diet consists of foods our early ancestors could hunt or gather.

Some of these foods are listed below.

  • Grass-fed animals for meat.
  • Wild caught fish and seafood.
  • Open range chicken
  • Pork
  • Wild turkey
  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Nuts/seeds
  • Oils

See below for a complete list of the food that are allowed on the paleo diet plan.

Foods For The Paleo Diet And What Are Paleo Foods? (A Complete List)


Foods Not Allowed On Paleo

We have discussed some of the foods that were hunted or gathered by a caveman, there are foods that they didn’t eat as well.  We mentioned earlier some items that we cannot have while on the paleo diet, mostly processed foods of today.  Foods that are not hunted and gathered in the traditional manner.

Foods not allowed on paleo:

  • Cereal grains
  • Legumes (peanuts, beans, lentils, tofu)
  • Refined sugar
  • Processed foods
  • Soda & sweetened beverages
  • Refined vegetable oils
  • Salt
  • Artificial sweeteners

See below for a complete list of foods not to eat.

What Not To Eat On Paleo Diet Plan (A Complete List)


Can I Use The Paleo Diet For Weight Loss?

This question comes up many times and I always answer with a resounding yes.  Let me show you more about how this diet program can help you lose those extra pounds.  

Can You Lose Weight On A Paleo Diet? (8 Pounds First Week)


Is Paleo Dairy Free?

How do we know that our hunter gatherer ancestors never consumed dairy?  Have you ever tried to get milk from a large wild milk producing animal?  Nuff said.

The process of making cheese, butter and yogurt and other milk products were not available to them during their lifetime.  Because of these reasons, we are sure milk was not available.


To Sum It All Up

Honestly, I have struggled with weight loss for a long time.  It wasn’t until I became motivated enough to try once again another diet program.  Most never worked or I wasn’t fully vested into the idea of changing my diet to lose weight.

After an incident, which I explain here, I decided to pull the trigger on research to find the best weight loss program.

The research brought me to the paleo diet plan.

Check out what I found out thru research and why I think this is the best diet program of all time.

Primal Balance

How To Do The Paleo Diet And Benefits To Paleo Diet (Introduction)


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