What Not To Eat On Paleo Diet Plan (A Complete List)

What Not To Eat On Paleo Diet Plan

Most people on the paleo diet are concerned about the types of foods they should or can eat but they should also be concerned about what not to eat on paleo diet plan as well.Paleo burgers are on the approved foods list for the paleo diet.

Eating those “good for you foods” is always important.  The non-processed, organically grown, whole foods will give your body all it needs to perform optimally the way it was meant to. For information about the foods that CAN OR SHOULD BE EATON WHILE ON THE PALEO DIET.  See the complete list here.

List Of Foods To Avoid

If you are following a strict paleo diet, you should avoid the following foods. The paleo diet does not permit these foods:  

  • Cereal grains
  • Legumes (peanuts, beans, lentils, tofu)
  • Refined sugar
  • Processed foods
  • Soda & sweetened beverages
  • Refined vegetable oils
  • Salt
  • Artificial sweeteners


Say goodbye to cereal, crackers, rice, pasta, bread and beer. Yes, beer. Grains must be avoided while on the paleo diet, why? First, grains are a product of modern agriculture; cavemen didn’t nosh on bread. Second, grains are high in carbohydrates, which can spike your blood sugar.

Paleo critics point out that not all grains are created equal-whole grains do not spike your blood sugar as much as refined grains. Even so, paleo dieters still steer clear of grains because they contain different compounds and proteins like gluten, lectins and phytates, which they claim cause inflammation in the body and block other nutrients from being absorbed. Paleo critics say these compounds are not a problem unless you have an allergy or sensitivity. Learn more about the science behind lectin



Legumes are members of a large family of plants that have a seed or pod. This category includes all beans, peas, lentils, tofu and other soy foods, and peanuts. This also includes peanut butter and soy sauce. Legumes are not allowed on paleo because of their high content of lectins and phytic acid. Similar to grains, this is a point of controversy in the scientific community. In fact, lots of research supports eating legumes as part of a healthy diet because they are low in fat and high in fiber, protein and iron.


What Not To Eat On Paleo Diet Plan


Processed Foods – Most Important To Avoid

Processed foods are full of the rest of the no-no’s on the paleo diet: refined sugars, salt, refined vegetable oils and artificial sweeteners. Our ancestors didn’t eat these foods, therefore, why should we?  There is little argument in the scientific community that refined sugars and excess salt contribute to obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.

There is some disagreement, however, over vegetable oils and artificial sweeteners. The American Heart Association recommends consuming corn, safflower and canola oils, but paleo plans say these are “not allowed” because of the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids and the way the oils are processed.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) condones artificial sweeteners as safe to consume, but they are not allowed on paleo since they are a man-made, processed food. Although artificial sweeteners lower calories in food, research shows they can still cause us to crave sweets.  They can be harmful to our gut bacteria.


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